valued and trusted by great enterprises

  • Progress Daniel Levy, Director of Customer Success
    “We envisioned a program that spanned our entire developer tools portfolio, delivering value to both new and long-time customers. New Venture Software’s track record, combined with their intimate knowledge of Telerik and Kendo UI made this an easy choice for us. We understand developers have a choice when it comes to selecting a UI vendor – and we believe that when users decide to partner with us, they are getting the very best UI, the very best support and now the very best training at no additional out of pocket expense!"

    Progress Ramiro Millan, Manager Professional Services
    “Working with New Venture Software gives you a sense of relief, knowing that the job will always exceed our customer’s needs. Hristo has created a consulting company that is led by honesty, integrity, and one incredibly talented team! I trust New Venture to get the job done right, everytime.”

    Delaware Valley Floral Group John Markhorst, Manager, IS and Application Development
    “Working with the New Venture Software has opened my eyes to working with outside vendors in a new light. I have had bad experiences in the past and this has been one of the best experiences I have ever had working with an outside vendor. I want to say thank you for allowing me to have that experience with you. You guys are nothing but professional and I would recommend you to anybody.”

    Telerik Nikoleta Mincheva, Partner Network Manager
    "Telerik is fortunate to have New Venture Software as a services Partner. Besides having profound expertise in Telerik technologies, the team consists of dedicated, enthusiastic and reliable professionals, committed to nothing less than delivering an exceptional customer experience and quality software!"

    Creative Safety Supply Brandon Nys, Product Manager
    "We asked New Venture Software to help dig us out of a hole with a failing project. After one meeting, they completely understood our project, and implemented solutions that allowed us to release our project on time!"

    Tennessee Department of Children’s Services John Jacobs, Director of Innovation & Solutions Development
    "We are very happy with the work provided. It was very professional and personable which made it very enjoyable. A lot was accomplished, and I appreciate the consultant's willingness to “roll up his sleeves and jump right in”. If we ever need additional consulting services from Telerik / Progress, I would definitely request New Venture Software again."

    Cirrus Logic Maitrang Nguyen, Manager SAP Applications
    "Thanks so much! I have gotten excellent review on the new design and code from our team members. I know it was really challenging and so happy that you completed this work for us! "

    Nestle Skin Health, Galderma Laboratories David Vilches, Software Engineer
    "Thank you and your team for the hard work and the evident quality of the app. We are now well positioned to meet our deadlines and literally could not have done it without you!"

    databyte GmbH Christian Schmidt, Software Engineer
    "We’re very happy with the results of your work. We reached the goal of a strong foundation for our project and are pleased with the decision to change to angular. Thanks to the introduction to this new platform from your consultant I think we’re able to complete our project in time!"

    Stoneridge Electronics David Binnie, Software Team Leader
    "From a company and personal perspective I would like to say ‘Many Thanks’ for all of the work that you have done on the project. I would also like to add that it has been a pleasure to work with someone so helpful and knowledgeable!"

    Progress Christopher E. Longo, Resource Manager, Professional Services
    "I have to say working with you guys has been a real pleasure. I especially appreciate the excellent communication you were able to facilitate with the customer. Thanks again!"

    Progress Ivan Guberkov, Manager Sitefinity Sales EMEA
    “We are excited to welcome New Venture Software as a Sitefinity partner. They are a company that has proven their software consulting expertise many times over the years and share the same dedication to quality as we do at Progress!”

    Logi Analytics Tom Cahill, VP for EMEA
    "As more and more organizations look to become data-driven, we are excited to partner with New Venture Software to enable its customers to create purpose-built analytical applications that allow users to analyze and act on data in the moment they need it!"