Modernize aging systems

With digital disruption reaching the most remote corners of every industry nowadays, the need to reform not just maintain outdated IT systems is becoming ever more pressing. Investing in technology upgrades reduces maintenance cost and drives productivity and efficiency gains.

We at New Venture Software have the skill and expertise to assess your legacy systems and help you not just overhaul the look and feel of your software solutions but modernize your company inside out to put you back on the path to success.


Capitalize on new technologies to stay competitive

Leverage New Venture Software team’s professional services and expertise to help your business thrive in the new era of a digital economy. Are you heavily invested in Progress OpenEdge? Or maybe you are using DataDirect to optimize data integration?

We’ll plan and implement a modernization journey that will build on top of your business core to help you stay competitive while keeping costs under control.


Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Escape from the burden of legacy systems today. Trust New Venture Software professional services to deliver powerful business results. From beautiful UI experiences to modernized processes and operational efficiencies, New Venture Software will help you respond to the shifting demands in your industry, by ensuring your applications continuously evolve with your business.

Don’t wait too long, or you might lose your competitive edge!

  • Progress Ramiro Millan, Manager Professional Services
    “Working with New Venture Software gives you a sense of relief, knowing that the job will always exceed our customer’s needs. Hristo has created a consulting company that is led by honesty, integrity, and one incredibly talented team! I trust New Venture to get the job done right, everytime.”

  • Telerik Nikoleta Mincheva, Partner Network Manager
    "Telerik is fortunate to have New Venture Software as a services Partner. Besides having profound expertise in Telerik technologies, the team consists of dedicated, enthusiastic and reliable professionals, committed to nothing less than delivering an exceptional customer experience and quality software!"