Need to build a new solution from scratch with the Telerik technologies? Looking for help to customize and implement a single Telerik component? Look no further. We at New Venture Software know the Telerik products inside out. Because we helped build them.

Our highly-experienced, results-driven software engineers are proud to have led and contributed to the engineering effort at Telerik. They have been instrumental in crafting the industry-standard in UI components and development tools alike.

  • New Venture Software Vladimir Milev, Chief Software Architect and former Tech Lead at Telerik by Progress
    “The team at New Venture Software has spent years raising the foundations of the development solutions at Telerik, from UI components for ASP.NET AJAX and WPF to the award-winning NativeScript mobile framework. Our connection with Telerik remains solid – we do get a very good insight into product roadmaps, as well as the ability to provide customer feedback and influence product development.”

what we do

New Venture Software is a premier Telerik product certified partner, with comprehensive expertise and rich experience in extending, customizing and implementing the entire Telerik product portfolio, from UI components through the Kendo UI and NativeScript framework to Sitefinity CMS.

Business requirements

The New Venture Software experts will evaluate your business needs and find and offer the most suitable technology and Telerik product mix tailored to meet your objectives. We’ll provide an honest and in-depth assessment of your software processes, application, and infrastructure in order to identify problematic areas and develop an action plan to heal them.

User Experience

Our UX Design experts will re-create your application’s UI and user journey to boost efficiency, usability and customer satisfaction. Well-versed in the Telerik solutions, they’ll easily create a custom skin for the Telerik components or a new theme for your Sitefinity CMS instance to match the overall experience.

Custom software development

We are never reluctant to dig deeper into any Telerik product and customize and extend it to meet the project objectives. We’ll always walk the extra mile to ensure what we build is fully compatible with your systems in place, is future-proof and easy to maintain as we take technology development trends into account.